A modern law library well equipped with books and modern facilities supports the faculty. Qualified Law Librarian and an Assistant Law Librarian, both of whom are lawyers, are in charge of the library in compliance with the recommendations of the two regulatory bodies of the legal profession in Nigeria. The Library holdings offer the best collections with seasoned academic textbooks and professional books, foreign and local titles, Law reports and statutes, among others, in a well conducive environment befitting of a modern law library. The library is further equipped with several resources such as hein-online, pro-quest, jstor, academic search, and other prominent e-resources. Also, online resources for local law materials and reports like All Federation Law reports, Nigeria Weekly law reports are made available to students, staff and other interested researchers. The library offers the best conducive environment for research and learning.


The Dean of the Faculty is the faculty's administrative head who exercises general superintendence over the faculty's academic and administrative affairs. The Dean is ably assisted by the Heads of Departments in the Faculty, the Sub-Dean and the Faculty Officer. The Heads of Departments are responsible through the Dean to the Vice-Chancellor for their Departments' smooth running. The Faculty Officer is the head of all non-academic staff of the faculty. He is the Secretary to all the Faculty Board and Committees. He also ensures the implementation of their decisions and directives. Students in the Faculty organise academic and social activities under the Law Students Association of Nigeria Society (LAWSAN). The society, which draws its membership from all the faculty's matriculated students, elects its executive members to the office every academic year. Society articulates the needs and problems of students and works towards promoting a peaceful staff-student relationship. The Law Students Association provides academic leadership at students' level through various programs as may be approved by the Faculty board, such as symposia and lectures, debates, moot court, annual law dinner and other social activities. Every registered student of the faculty is a member of the Law Society. There are four students’ chambers within the Law Society and a Law Clinic, all of which provide the needed forum for students to interact intellectually and socially and acquire the legal profession's best tradition.


The faculty has just set up a law clinic in line with the Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI). Historically, Law Clinic's birth arose due to the observed declining standard of legal education and the country's poor quality. This led to the call for a paradigm shift in how law students are being trained both at the universities and the law school. A Curriculum reform was effected to make the law programme more skills-based and depart from theoretical exercises to practical learning processes. Engaging in clinical legal education, therefore, aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice. Elizade, a university situated very close to the city of Akure, the capital of Ondo State, no doubt, occupies an advantageous position to further the observance of social justice as the society under-privileged in the community will have access to adequate legal representation apart from making law students sensitive to the concerns of marginalised groups in the society. Faculty of Law Elizade University, Law Clinic hosted the 2018 Africa Clinical Legal Education Colloquium. The faculty has also engaged in a few community services. The Law Clinical Education will, among other things, provide hands-on experience to law students on how to conduct fact-finding investigations, interviews, counselling, legal research and drafting skills. It will provide opportunities for students to examine the impact of law doctrines in real-life situations and provide a laboratory where students and faculty study particular areas of law. The Law Clinic is situated within the Faculty of Law complex, and it forms part of the faculty's teaching resources.