Elizade University seeks to be a globally competitive institution that produces entrepreneurial, innovative and ethical graduates.


To produce graduate with the approprate skills and knowledge for the development of the nation and global competitiveness


Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, Pragmatism

About Elizade University

The Elizade University seeks to be the epitome of the best traditions in Science, Engineering, Law, and Liberal Arts education comparable to the world's best universities. In furtherance of the university's noble vision and mission, the Board of Trustees of Elizade University decided to establish a Faculty of Law to train qualified and prospective candidates interested in Legal education. In this regard, the Law Programme shall inculcate in the students' morals, Godliness, selfless leadership, positive attitude to work, self-reliance and a high degree of professionalism to all without religious, ethnic and social prejudice.

Elizade University is determined not only to disseminate knowledge to its students but also to develop their intellect through its Law programme in such a way that would lead to cutting-edge research activities in all aspects of knowledge generally – economic, political, scientific and technological – to help Nigeria out of the scourge of underdevelopment and place her in the committee of advanced countries.

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